The perfect solution to make living in an apartment complex a pleasant and convenient experience - for the residents, the managing committee members, and the security staff.


OSSapp is product of Our Smart Solutions LLP, with operations in Pune and sales all over the India

We believe in trio Simple, Cleaver and Affordable. Application that should be simple enough to handle, should understand what user want it to do and reduce pain of user along with cost of usage should be low and we keep ourself unsatisfied to ensure user satisfaction.

We provide secure environment to user data, provide innovative ideas to stay apart, our mobile first approach keeps everything on your fingertip anywhere/anytime. Here we use all cutting edge technologies to help you perform better with very less efforts

Our Aim

Aren't you just bored with the time consuming, thankless efforts towards society related activities?

Doesn't your family complain about your time when you get busy doing your society stuff?

Isn't Finance a complex job which involves responsibility, accountability, accuracy and still forces you to reconcile various transactions?

If any of the question above says 'yes', then Yes! this is for you!


Gate entry

Owner & Tenant management

Vehicle management

Invoice genaration and notification

SMS/Email broadcast and WhatsApp Sharables

Income management

Receipt generation

Balance sheet

Auditor application with expandable reports

Notice board

Document management

Auto notification and reminder

Payable/expense management

Asset management and depreciation calculation

Defaulter list

Advance payment list

Profit and loss statement

Communication integration

OSSapp integrates with email, sms and whatsapp to make communication smoother.

Simple Interface

OSSapp is designed with "Less,but Better" design principle. Our simplest, but neutral workflow gives better hold on society management with minimum efforts.

Flat owners & tenants information

You have access to owners and tenants basic information at your fingertips.

Society gate entry

Visitor Management & Amenities Booking


Be report ready at all times.

Auditors view

Separate auditors login to complete audit needs.


Income/Expense work flows

Auto Entry Income/Receipt using UPI payment


Banks and cash

Bank's and cash inflow and outflow management.


We learn from you, improve it for you for your betterment. Advanced technologies, simple and effective operations, continuous improvements at very affordable cost makes us crowd out. Use it, experience it and we are here to listen you.

Innovative Solutions

We continue to provide innovative solutions those follow our trio simple, clever, affordable. Every functionality goes through customer feedback and backboned by a lot of brain storming

Your data is secure

Digital security makes us worried sick. When it comes to OSSapp, we want users feel secure with their data. Our multi-layered security system is made to keep your community safe and your data secure.
We are committed to protecting your privacy.


We are just affordable! cost is much lower than your physical bookeeping or any other compititor. We ensure much value for your money

Mobile first

Now a days, your mobile is as near as dammit. We are at your finguretip always.


We operate on "Less But Better" design principle. Our simplest, but natural workflow gives better hold on society management with minimum efforts.

We also provide a cloud based solution so that you can access it anywhere and at any time without infrastructure maintenance to the society.

We help to enhance trust and transperancy among members with detailed online transactions.

Our Goal is to cater to all your basic society needs on fingertips.


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